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SMGB and KultureCity

SMGB celebrates its 10 year anniversary in 2017, and for the occasion we wanted to do something special for the community. In addition to the personal community involvement by our individual partners and staff, SMGB is excited to formally partner with KultureCity to establish the SMGB Sports Scholarship. Beginning in 2017, the scholarship is a five year donation commitment from the partners at SMGB adding to a total of $50,000 by the final year. Through this sports-focused scholarship, our law firm is dedicated to helping KultureCity in its mission to grow acceptance of children with autism while overcoming societal barriers and prejudices. You can learn more about KultureCity’s story and mission here.

What will the scholarship do?

Birmingham is a city with a passion for sports, and the same goes for the partners at SMGB — many of whom already volunteer with children’s sports programs in the area. Combining this passion with KultureCity’s well-known reputation in Birmingham, our partners saw an opportunity to build a sports program within KultureCity’s Sensory Initiative. Through the SMGB Sports Scholarship, our goal is to encourage children with autism to enjoy sports experiences where, perhaps, they have not been able to before. The funds from our scholarship will be used to 1). Build additional Sensory Inclusive spaces in sports facilities and establishments in Birmingham, and 2). Create additional Sensory Friendly kits to provide for sports activities and experiences.

Get off the bench, too.

Our contribution is just the beginning. The local interest we’ve already received about the scholarship doesn’t have to just be positive buzz. If you are interested in getting involved and represent a sports-focused business, facility, etc., drop us a note. We’d love to get in touch to discuss how the scholarship can grow to impact even more children. Contact us here.

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